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Like you, Nature Box cares about the world.

Our ambition is to include recycled plastic when possible. Our bottles for Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash and Hand Soap are all made with 25% post consumer recycled plastic.

Additionally, directions for recycling are provided on each bottle.  More information on How2Recycle can be found at www.how2recycle.info.

And there is more!
When it comes to social responsibility, Nature Box cooperates with international development organizations and supports farmers in sustainably cultivating raw materials.

In India, Nature Box supports the producer Solvay and the non-profit organization TechnoServe in sustainably cultivating guar, a raw ingredient in Nature Box products, derived from the guar bean.
Guar is used as a thickening agent in the cosmetics industry and in the production of Nature Box hair and body care products. This project helps guar farmers to plant, cultivate and harvest sustainably. The subsequent processing and trade of the beans are also fair. In addition, the small farmers and their families learn to create their own kitchen gardens and to feed themselves in a self-sufficient and healthy manner.

Henkel corporation also collaborates with the development organization Solidaridad in several countries, including Nigeria, to produce sustainable palm oil, another of the ingredients in Nature Box.


In a selected Henkel project in Nigeria – one of a total of seven projects worldwide – small farmers are trained and supported in sustainably cultivating palm oil. This enables farmers to increase their productivity and reduce the negative impact on the environment. In addition, the farmers receive a local certification for their harvest, resulting in increased job stability.